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A Letter from Gold to President Trump

Dear Donald,

It was with much joy and celebration that I read of your recent election as President of the United States. For too long, the Whitehouse has been filled with men who try to keep the Ship of State on the same old steady course that it has sailed for over seventy years. But now, we finally have a man in the Whitehouse who can “Make Gold Great Again!”

Gold loves a fighter and you, Mr. Trump, are the champion of starting fights!

Never before has a President been so willing and eager start a fight. Best of all, you don’t care who it is with or what is about. And I just to have say, I love it!

Decade after decade, I have watched one President after another avoid confrontation as they acquiesce to the advice of the bureaucrats and diplomats in Washington. But not you! Your approach is just so refreshing. For years, all of Washington, and the Federal Reserve in particular, have stared nervously at the markets, worrying about how every word they say might upset economic confidence. But you don’t! You call it the way “the people” want to hear it, and all those stiff suits on Wall Street can go jump!

There was a time when this type of economic populism was solely the domain of leaders of small third world countries. But here you are, a star of reality TV, showing the world that, when it comes to economic populism, America is First!

While you clearly don’t need, accept or listen to the feeble minded advice of others, I do humbly offer a few suggestions that would greatly help my cause in the years ahead.

First, we need a war. Trade wars are good, wars with your own government are OK, but real wars are the best!

Second, you need to keep creating lots of uncertainty. Uncertainty is bad for stocks and bonds and business and workers, but it’s great for gold!

Finally, and most importantly, please keep undermining the US Dollar. Making claims against other countries for being currency manipulators is good, but direct statements against the your own currency are the best!

The US Dollar is my enemy and my enemy’s enemy is my friend. You, Mr. President, are my friend!

Yours sincerely,